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Live Laughing – Bernie


NFT CREATED: 12/25/21

COLLECTION: NoBirdShtArt Collection by: KingKirk The Artist

This Highly Exclusive Tradable NFT purchase comes with a 4×6 Hand Crafted Phygital Desktop Canvas Print Card by: KingKirk TheArtist

SPECIAL DETAILs: *** (Owning this NFT ) ***

  1. Gives you 1-free admission to all of my *Private Live Loft ART GALLERY Events, Parties & Film Screenings. (Follow me on Instagram or for coming dates)
  2. Gives you unlimited free membership access to my Private Online Digital Video | Art | Design Tutorials, Classes & Workshops.

ORIGINAL BUYER ONLY please contact me directly with shipping info for your Phygital framed NFT.

(The Phygital Desktop Canvas card is not required for the Special Details above, only the NFT ownership)

Future buyers/collectors/traders must contact current owners of the previously sold edition for the 4×6 Phygital card *if needed.

HAND PAINTED: using Createx Paints | TOOLS: Iwata HP-C Plus Airbrush | Original Master was HD digitally scanned to Photoshop | ART RESOLUTION:3200 x 4000FILE SIZE:7,565,312 bytes

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